Our History

Our Tale of Success:

Situated in the ‘Pride’ of India, Punjab is said to be a state where joy and prosperity resides! However, way back in 90’s, the state witnessed high incidences of cancer and lack of essential medical facilities in some of the regions. Somewhere down the line, Punjab is still facing the critical condition of ‘missing benefits’ and ‘quality crisis’ in the healthcare services. It is why Indus Hospital first initiated a modest presence in the form of a small 100-bedded charitable Hospital and nursing home in the district of Ferozepur in Punjab. Few years after the initial start, in 2001, Indus Hospital planned to strengthen its wings with a Multi-Speciality Hospital in the city of Mohali. In direction to the cancer care initiative, Indus went ahead to construct a dedicated ‘100- bedded’ cancer care centre in Mohali. The initial stage was never that easy- it was a journey of trust building through endless services.

After 30 years of tireless healthcare effort, the Indus Multi-Speciality Hospital has finally made it through the tides of challenges and struggle! Today, we are powered with brilliant technological advancement and sharp professional minds. We have dual energy linear accelerator with electrons IMRT, Stereo-tactic Radio Surgery and Brachytherapy to serve the best medical purpose in the town. From Super Speciality branches for Cancer treatment to Cardiac, Neuro Sciences, Nephrology, Cosmetic Surgery, and special units for Kidney Ailment, Indus Hospital is awarded with the essence of providing finest quality services in the region.

With one of the best diagnostic center in Tri-city that performs intervention radiology procedures in the region, Indus Hospital is indeed walking on the right path of ultimate healthcare promise. Each passing day in our life has made us stronger! It has helped us in achieving the zenith of success- in unfolding our wings to confront challenges, and to accept the inherent course of struggle in the medical profession. Indus Hospital is all that it aimed to become some day!

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