Because you don’t sound alright. Musicians get so engrossed in their music at times that… Find the latest in unintentionally creepy music at Tweet. Some of them are songs with upbeat melodies so nobody noticed, or maybe everyone else did and they're just twisted. There are several urban legends surrounding this, the most popular being that the scream is coming from somebody actually being killed live in the studio, or that the sound of somebody being murdered somehow got recorded and looped into the tape. When you rate your music, the site's music/social recommender can recommend similar music and users with similar music … We want to hear from you! “Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to leave because I’d go berzerk? The main examples I can give you are two songs used in modified Rock-afire Explosion videos. Slap … It's in those times we see the compulsive shopping network stalkers collecting porcelain reindeer figurines. Unintentionally Creepy Songs. Basically what I'm looking for are songs that are not meant to be creepy in any way but feel unsettling (usually) because they are in a minor key. 0 0. Another popular theory is that Ester Cordet–the woman who appears nude and covered in honey on the album cover–was very badly burned during the cover photo shoot which took place during the recording session. Bet You Didn't Realize How Scary These Songs Are Iggy Azalea — "Black Widow" (feat. Incase you're curious, that song is, "good bye horses" by Q Lazzarus. Upon further investigation, it appears that some of the “real life” missing adolescents featured in the video were actually murder victims, including the Australian version which featured missing images of victims of Ivan Milat, The Backpacker Murderer. “My Friend, My Friend” is just that, with Shakespearian lyrics alluding to a dude whose got a knife and is not afraid to use it. Jamie. The singer is romanticizing obsessive stalking. 24 Sint Nicolaasliedjes. The Doors – “The End” Clocking in at over 11 minutes, this dark, majestic odyssey of a song is regarded by many as The Doors’ masterpiece. The Haunting Sounds site has a collection of Halloween-themed songs, including the themes from Beetlejuice and The Addams Family, as well as some creepy WAV file sound effects. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. OK, I cannot be the only person who gets the willies listening to this... Florida Georgia Line — "Cruise" (feat. Be the first to share what you think! In 2006 "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" topped a list of unintentionally creepy songs in the Observer. A truly unholy alliance. While I was tooling around this morning I heard the first two of these five songs on the radio. The Most Unintentionally Scary Kids Movies of All Time. The Teletubbies had nothing on their infinitely more creepy cousins, the Boohbahs: basically fat hairy dollops who float and jitter around in space, their large black eyes swivelling unceasingly in their skulls. JeffyB. But instead of playing “Thriller” and “Monster Mash”, why not check out some of the scariest songs from the world of Eurovision. Creepy, chilling tunes from Pink Floyd, Eminem, Nick Cave, more. But be honest–haven’t we all been the brokenhearted person chronicled in this song, hanging out at places you know your ex will be and maybe taking it a bit too far? But many have interpreted the song to be an allusion to Satan worship or a mental institution, not surprising given the eerie lyrics: “Last thing I remember, I was Running for the door / I had to find the passage back to the place I was before / ‘Relax,’ said the night man, ‘We are programmed to receive. It’s a happy little love song that compares being in a relationship to being on a roller coaster. Nelly). This single was recorded in the ’70s by soul group the Ohio Players. In celebration of the Guardian's slot on unintentionally frightening songs, I'll go first: I always found listening to Peter and the Wolf to be a bad experience, probably due to seeing a jerkily animated Russian version of it in the school cellar, which being Thatcher-era was where the TV was kept.… Because that’d be a bit much. Mom, I'm sorry for this. Lv 7. - listen to the first unintentionally creepy playlistunintentionally creepy including Billy Joel, Blondie, and Blue Öyster Cult music from your desktop or mobile device. Perhaps it’s the subject matter (Jagger has confirmed the song is about a girl’s funeral) or the use of the sitar, but the Stones’ “Paint it Black” is definitely one of their more unsettling tunes. November 2, 2018 thesweetestlou News/Opinions 0. The main examples I can give you are two songs used in modified Rock-afire Explosion videos. Sort by. 1 / 15. Sure, other generation may have lived through wars and depressions, but '80s kids have just as much a claim to psychological trauma, on account of videos like: The Best Unintentionally Creepy Christmas Song Lyrics Christmastime is here, and you know what that means: creepiness all around. The original artist, Big Joe Turner, recorded a decidedly different vision of the song, with lyrics that make it absolutely clear that he is singing about house-quaking thunder sex. 4 years ago. Pay no attention to the fact … / You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!‘” Let’s hope he at least gets a free continental breakfast. Arguably the most famous song in The Eagles’ repertoire, “Hotel California” is about somebody being allured by the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles, until they discover it’s a dark and tragic place that you can’t escape. Unintentionally Creepy Kids Movies by sammysam-822-945243 | created - 05 Apr 2018 | updated - 17 Jan 2019 | Public Movies with either unnerving CGI/animation, or have a character in a creepy animal/monster suit the entire movie. Four Unintentionally Creepy Songs — To Play with the Lights Off. But some love songs audiences have grown to love might not be as peachy keen as originally comprehended. Clearly written before John Lennon’s “Bed Peace” era, this song comes from the... “Space Oddity” – David Bowie. ), As it stands, outer space is already a pretty scary concept to begin with. The 15 Scariest Songs of All Time Lisa A. From monsters to skeletons to ghosts and spirits, here are 28 song contest numbers to chill your blood this Halloween. Children's songs are usually innocent and squeaky clean, but there are some with creepy lyrics which will make you wonder how they are even suitable for kids in the first place! What's an unintentionally creepy song? Unintentionally Creepy Songs. This years All Hallows Eve is particularly terrifying because it’s the last one before the apocalypse. As it stands, outer space is already a pretty scary concept to begin with. This cover of the theme song from Roman Polanski's 1970s film Rosemary's Baby … / …They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha/ To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time.” I don’t know what’s scariest about this song: the music video, the creepy vocals, or the fact that it was meant to be funny. Clearly the Brits have cornered the market on unintentionally creepy children’s characters. In popular culture Tom Maxwell (Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Minor Drag) shares some tracks that freak him out. Queen “Radio GA GA” In addition to being creepy, this video really appeals to the film fan. See more ideas about drawings, kids, drawing for kids. Each of them is a priceless time capsule of the past. Mar 1, 2020, 6:26 am* Internet Culture. Redditors have been discussing the songs beloved by so many which actually have weird sentiments when you listen to the lyrics carefully. / What’s going on on the floor? As Halloween approaches, feel free to ignore “Monster Mash” in favor of this handful of more austere chillers: Vintage murder ballads, dissonant classical spine-tinglers, psychedelic freak-outs, shock-rock creep-outs, Southern gothic alt-rock gloom, art-noise desolation and more. What's up with the eerie ventriloquist dummies and creepy references to touching? By Tom Maxwell | October 31, 2016.

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