About Our Hospitals

Indus Healthcare Delivery Division:

Indus Healthcare Delivery Division shares a proactive community conscience for a healthier tomorrow! Indus Hospital’s various Speciality, Super-Speciality, and Diagnostic hospitals fall under the particular category of Indus Healthcare Delivery Division. Currently, the Healthcare Delivery Division includes 5 major projects- 3 multispecialty hospitals, one diagnostic center and 1 upcoming project. While all the ongoing hospitals reside in the Mohali district of Punjab, the latest dream projects (include the upcoming Fatehgarh project of Indus) would be available at different locations of the district. It is indeed an honor for Indus to declare our latest project as a ‘state of art’ International Hospital.

The idea of providing the finest healthcare solutions for the upliftment of general medical qualities in the region is a close concern for Indus. For making this dream come true, Indus has appointed some of the most intellectual minds from the field of medicines. Weaving an inspiring dream with a perfect team- this is what makes us distinct!

The 7 Promises of Indus Hospital:

-  Providing advanced and proactive tertiary care services.

-  Offering excellent clinical services.

-  To provide best diagnostic services and facilities.

-  Keeping ourselves updated with new researches.

-  Keeping healthcare and ethical principles on similar lines.

-  Ensuring the best dignity of the medical profession.

-  Following a patient-centric approach.

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