This can help confirm the objective of the library and the goals that it would like to achieve in the future. In a rapidly changing world – and library environment – there is significant risk involved in focusing only on the immediate strategic terrain. knowledge. 2 This 2018 Strategic Plan grows out of a high-level Strategic Directions document published and circulated widely in spring 2016, in response to the 2015 Syracuse University Academic Strategic Plan. foundation established by FEMA’s previous two Strategic Plans. You may also see school strategic plan examples. You may also see sales strategic plan examples. 14 0 obj CONTEXT York Un develop strategi Plan, an Universi Plan, 20 research Enhance Addition initiative groups. Our 2018/2020 strategic plan was created following a community needs assessment that involved customers, our partners and community organizations. Rochester Public Library Core Values Maximize the usage of the library’s resources. Our spaces (physical and virtual) support library operations and user needs for intellectual exploration, entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. Training room with associated equipment is desirable. endobj u�X�UWu�?���Yp�T���ޔ�`Q�qP�/ؼ The Stanislaus County Library system strategic plan for 2017-2021 is grounded in community input gathered from a broad range of stakeholders, including library customers, community members at large, and library staff and partners. Brantford Public Library provides free access to information, ideas and opportunities for discovery, and spaces in which to use and share them. knowledge. Do you want to attract more people who can visit the library for particular purposes? VISION The Library will be a user-centric hub for information, learning and creativity that engages the campus and the broader community. You need to identify the scope, limitations, and terms of the library strategic plan. This can help your action plans to become more achievable, realistic, and measurable. Develop opportunities and partnerships among libraries, library systems, state … <> Approved by the Rochester Public Library Board on January 22, 2020 Printable PDF of 2020 Strategic Plan. Rochester Public Library Vision and Mission Vision: A strong and equitable community. endobj 3. The USC Libraries will be an integral, inventive, and inspiring partner in the scholarly and artistic enterprises of USC faculty, students, and staff. 1. GOAL 1: All New Yorkers will have improved access to library resources that advance and enhance their personal, educational and working lives. A Family Place Library is a center for early childhood information, parent education, emergent literacy, socialization, and family support. �r�[wf�;M�o��i���V2W� �IK����,�����Q9�:ÓȤ���ey���)Ŕ#��L��G}��C�m�P��O�����r� xy��)UA�� 4�q��O���I��8���IR�5X������%���g�!-���Q�m��`[�o� G�p�i0&�bx��L��i�(VGX�욋>�s�&��IʅI&�Ɵ��rl�"�� ��(85�� endobj 9 0 obj 6. The simplicity of the document and the formality of its content arrangement can help you disseminate your message accordingly and professionally. MISSION, VISION AND VALUES As part of the Strategic Plan development process, the Planning Committee reviewed the Society mission and vision statements. Compare the document that you have developed with the existing library strategic plans of other entities or those that have been previously used by the library. A new vision and mission along with updated values will center the State Have a list of the factors that you need to consider. Do you want to provide a higher quality of services to your target market? The shorter planning cycle is due to the speed at which the environment is changing and will allow the Library to remain nimble and adjust strategies as new Library and Information Service | Stellenbosch University 3 I ntroduction The Strategic Directions 2016-2020 plan builds on the Library and Information Service’s previous plan for the period 2010-2015 as well as the external quality assurance review conducted in 2013. BACKGROUND The cycle of building development, design and construction is moving more rapidly than ever and key stakeholders in the design and construction process face new challenges of responding to a range of environmental, market and … Through our strategic planning process, we hope to respond to the evolving ways people access and process information in the 21st Century, while preserving so many of the vital resources and timeless services THE UNIVERSITY CONTEXT . A look at the Strategic Plan Scorecard will show what’s been done and what’s still in progress. 35+ FREE Library Templates - PDF | Word | PSD | Apple (MAC) Pages -, health and safety strategic plan examples. The University of Washington Libraries advances discovery and enriches the quality of life by connecting people with . �ZܔAs��V��jU��0D�����O�dB�ݜ(Ks��@1LY`��a>yx���Q��_� �Oq�(���H�i�b�r 8r�ɠ#� GJ3S�>�^�yC��vIZ���#8�#q �!�0ġB2 ��C͝����;D5���_W�!��˩� �hfĥQ��̫y������Gu`�xμ��=����b� n�^��݀�#Is��N��ҤyI�ynI�[��� eq�Z��ȵۙ��A)��ۃe꽕� �!�����w/�����k���NL���]h��jj�s�1N As well as supporting academic study, we have an important role as protectors of cultural knowledge and taonga. 4!! The FEMA 2018-2022 Strategic Plan provides a framework for supporting the United States before, during, and . great library it deserves. Do you have all the resources at hand? Evaluate both the content and format of your final library strategic plan before distributing copies to all the stakeholders of the library that you think have the right to access the document. A library strategic plan allows the evaluation of the previous procedures and activities of the library. Our Library is a community gathering place, an educational partner, and an opportunity center for all. MISSION Queens College Library facilitates creativity and intellectual inquiry in support of research, study, teaching, and the pursuit of knowledge. Particularly preferred by young mothers group. Moreover, this can ensure that you will not forget to include discussion of important details that can complete the entire idea of the plans that you want to execute for the library’s operations. STRATEGIC PLAN AREAS AND INITIATIVES Initiatives provide a focus for the Society to drive advancement, create value, and improve efficiency. Library Strategic Plan 2017 + 2016 LE Pending 9,10,11 . 2020 has truly been a remarkable and humbling time in our city and across the country. 4. 2. The University of Washington Libraries will accelerate inquiry, creativity, and learning for global impact and the public good. USC Libraries Strategic Plan 2017 . Page 8 of 10 APPENDIX Library & Learning Support Services Business Plan 2016 Overview of the Business Plan The Library & Learning Support Services (LLSS) Business Plan has been developed with staff across the Library in the context of AUT University’s strategic direction and priorities, and AUT Library’s Strategic Plan. STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS 4 The Library is a welcoming place to study, learn, and create. Library Strategic Plan 2018-2023. Knowing how others think about the subject matter can give you more idea about the overall condition of the library, which in turn will allow you to come up with a more reasonable and realistic action plan. To realize the national digital library Objectives 2015-2018 for the national digital library. <> You may also like community strategic plan examples. Library Strategic Framework. If this document can be efficiently used for actual implementation, the library board and management can easily identify the opportunities that they can get and the risks or threats that they need to prepare for and veer away from. From 2018 to 2022, FEMA will focus on three main Strategic Goals and invite the whole community to adopt these shared Developed Academic Year 2014- 15, Revised for 2016-2017 BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE In March 2013, the University of California, Riverside hired a new University Librarian with extensive experience in the creation and management of unique physical and digital collections 2020-2024 Strategy. the Compass strategic plan has developed into a living, breathing plan for the future.” Describing the strategic plan and the principles for excellence as “community-identified” is something that Amy is particularly proud of. H U N T E R D O N C O U N T Y L I B R A R Y V I S I O N S T A T E M E N T. The Hunterdon County Library System is committed to be <> NEW - Strategic Plan Update (Para leer en español, haga un clic aquí.) Do you want the library to generate higher sales? 15 0 obj The strategy to be the University of Opportunity and Success and to position ourselves as an open and With this, proper designation of work responsibilities and obligations can be made easier and more professional. From setting a vision for the library to articulating its mission to establishing a set of goals for achieving that mission, the board can and should be involved. Always incorporate timeliness within the entire process of the library strategic plan development. 4. Camden Council Library Strategic Plan 2003 – 2010 Vibrant Places – People Spaces - 10 - Our community was asked what should be considered when developing new library facilities This is a summary of what they said: • Flexible spaces and meeting rooms should be available to serve a range of community organisations. <>>> Being knowledgeable of the things that you need to fulfill and the items that you will be working with can make it faster and more efficient for you to finish the document in a timely and effective manner. GCPL Strategic Plan Page 4 of 4 4 III. This framework identifies the library’s strategic direction, its vision and values, and the core elements and commitments that will ensure our success. 2018-2021. STRATEGIC PLAN 2016 - 2020 July 11, 2016 . 5 0 obj A library strategic plan is somewhat similar with a museum strategic plan in a way that both documents are created to ensure there will be improvement or development within the operations of the location where they will be used. Listed below are some guidelines that can help you ensure that you will create an effective and impressive library strategic plan. Over the life our strategic plan, the library is focused on these top six priorities from 2016 to 2019. The State Library of Oregon’s strategic plan, as approved by the State Library Board, will guide the work of the State Library over the next three years. You have to make sure that your library strategic plan can address existing issues and concerns related to the library and its operations. This Strategic Plan outlines the goals and objectives that FEMA must implement to strengthen the Agency and our mission. The Stanislaus County Library system strategic plan for 2017-2021 is grounded in community input gathered from a broad range of stakeholders, including library customers, community members at large, and library staff and partners. A library strategic plan gives an idea on how the framework of the future library operations is expected to come out. Each program is framed by an open-ended question, to invite discussion. %PDF-1.5 Get the insights of the community and the other stakeholders of the library. You might be interested in personal strategic plan examples. This can help you become more precise with how you will look into the library’s needs and demands. Hence, you can also experience different kinds of advantages and benefits depending on the kind of library strategic plan that you will make and the overall efficiency of your plan’s full implementation. If a comprehensive document can be created, there are a lot of positive impacts that the library board, the employees, and the community can experience. It is critical that we regularly examine ourselves and adapt to our local community’s current aspirations and challenges, changing societal values and human experiences, advances in technology, and developments within the broader library field. 11 0 obj In a rapidly changing world – and library … ... Strategic Plan. Strategic plan 2015-2018 The power of our network 3 Table of contents Preface Mission statement and vision Strategic priorities for 2015-2018 1. <> Just like a club strategic plan, a library strategic plan also needs to be precise, brief, and direct to the point. Logic Model. 8 0 obj The plan provides a road map for the library to address strategic … A library strategic plan serves as a tangible or physical evidence that there are simple action plans and strategies that are created to ensure the sustainability of the library. 3. endobj <> Camden Council Library Strategic Plan 2003 – 2010 Vibrant Places – People Spaces - 11 - Our community was asked about where future libraries should be located This is a summary of what they said during focus groups: • Mount Annan near Leisure Centre. Rochester Public Library Core Values Download the one-page Strategic Plan overview (PDF). The University’s strategic themes of excellence, engagement and simplification are woven throughout our plan. Library 2020 Strategic Plan Progress Report PDF » Library 2020 Strategic Plan – Original Plan PDF » You may also like restaurant strategic plan examples. STRATEGIC PLAN. procedures, roll-out plans, and budget estimates. We expect that the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan will guide library staff in their work and inspire others to engage with us in creating a better community. 10 0 obj UBC Library’s Strategic Framework will guide the future work and strategic direction for the library, in alignment with the UBC Strategic Plan.. 4!! Library spaces will ... Strategic Plan. x�uT�o�0~�����Τ8>۱ !Z�M��{B},0��l�;����6��������|�9�]k��jc�h��Y[m~�?�*�4�6�/���O�ͫ��P�}s��k�L���u;����L�q�̀ 0��rG@8����P$Vh���';~\�{so�q��OI��>Qt�:�B�M You need to follow guidelines, regulations, and policies not only of the library but also of the industry so that the time and effort that you have put in the development of the library strategic plan will not be put to waste. We facilitate activities ranging from individual contemplation to group collaboration. This plan is the culmination of engagement with stakeholders and staff to determine priority needs and interests. <> The University of Washington Libraries advances discovery and enriches the quality of life by connecting people with .
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