Wordsworth’s poem, ‘Three years she grew’ is one of five compositions that, collectively, are known as ‘The Lucy Poems’. The "Lucy" poems were written during a period in Wordsworth's life when he lived in Germany and his good friend, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, lived in England. Lucy Iv poem by William Wordsworth. Describe the use and purpose of the antithetical terms in "Three years she grew in sun and shower." Three years she grew in sun and shower; Then Nature said, ‘A lovelier flower On earth was never sown: This child I to myself will take; She shall be mine, and I will make 5 A lady of my own. The identity of Lucy has never been discovered. This poem is one of a set of usually called “ Lucy Poems ”. William Wordsworth's poem Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower, is a lyrical elegy on the untimely demise of Lucy. The identity of Lucy never been discovered. Page In this poem, many contrasting images are portrayed. Analysis of the Poem, “Three Years She Grew” By William Wordsworth ... ‘Earth and heaven’ are two very different places, but they relate to Lucy because she possesses qualities of both. This poem is one of a set usually called the "Lucy Poems." Critics have referred to five of Wordsworth’s poems as the “Lucy Poems”. She is fantasy and dream, an imagined ideal who cannot exist in the real world. "Sun and shower," "law and impulse," "earth and heaven," "kindle and restrain," and "glade and bower" are all images that convey natural elements or behaviors that will govern Lucy's life. Lucy can follow both, the law and rules, but at the same time, she acts on impulse. In ‘Three years she grew’ Wordsworth’s speaker tells the story of Lucy, a young girl whom Nature decided to take for her own. William Wordsworth's poem "Three years she grew in sun and shower," sometimes titled “The Education of Nature,” is usually considered one of the so-called Lucy poems—that is, poems … THREE years she grew in sun and shower Then Nature said A lovelier flower nbspnbspnbspOn earth was never sown . He believes that one can learn one can learn a great lesson if one approaches nature with a pure and humble heart. This poem is also known as 'The Education of Nature', and is considered one of the Lucy poems. Series of five poems Composed by Wordsworth between 1798- 1801. "Three years she grew" is made up of seven six-line stanzas that each have an aabccb rhyme scheme. ‘Myself will to my darling be Both law and impulse: and with me The girl, in rock and plain, In … She is the personification of nature in all its beauty, wildness, and perfection. These include, “Strange Fits of Passion have I Known’, “She Dwelt Among Untrodden Ways”, “I Traveled Among Unknown Men”, “Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower” and “A Slumber Did my Spirit Seal”. Despite the tragedy of Lucy’s inevitable death, these poems are often joyful in the way they indulge the great flights of the human spirit. Nature takes on an interesting role in this poem--she is beautiful and giving, and yet ultimately dictates the circumstances of Lucy's death. Lucy poems are written about an ideal female who is sometimes symbolized as nature, for whom the speaker feels great affection. The poem ‘Three Years She Grew…’ is one of the best known Lucy poems written by William Wordsworth.The poet in this poem illustrates his belief that Nature is a great teacher. Three Years she grew is made of seven , six line stanza each have AA BC CB rhyme scheme .
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