Blood Bank

Department of Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank) is a service with state-of-the-art facilities, as per the drug and cosmetic’s act, India. The Blood Bank at INDUS International Hospital is one of the few centers in India to do infection screening procedures with advanced methods like chemiluminescence (CLIA) and nucleic acid test (Nat).

The method reduces the incubation period of virus like HIV, HBV and HCV in blood donor and increases the safety of blood transfusion to the patients. We are facilitated with apheresis procedures to collect stem cells and other blood components to treat all transplant and oncology patients.

Equipment's available in INDUS HOSPITALS.

• Blood Bank monitor.

• Blood weighing machine.

• Deep freezer 80(Termo).

• Plasma Expressor.

• Plasma Thawing bath PB100 (Termo)

• Platelet Agitator.

• Platelet Incubator.

• Tube sealer benchtop XS1010(Termo).

• Blood bank refrigerator 300 ltr (Termo).

• Autoclave.

• Hot air oven.

• Remi blood donor therapeutic chair dzire 3X.

• Remi rotor K 743.

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