General Medical Camp at Lok Kalyan Kendra, Ramgharia Sabha, Phase - 3B1, Mohali

Providing ease to the hectic routine of professionals, Indus Super Speciality conducted a general medical camp at Lok Kalyan Kendra, Ramgharia Sabha, Phase - 3b1 Mohali. Indus Team managed to arrange the entire camp with the best help of medical physicians and consultants. Dealing with the fast pace of modern life is not easy, especially when healthcare is a concern. The aim of the general medical camp was to understand and assist the growing medical needs of our patients. The camp was organized on 25th December 2015.

Some key features of the camp:

•  The camp benefitted about 300 patients.

•  Integrated multi-discipline approach through a general camp.

•  Helping the investigative medical data.

•  Providing comprehensive medical services with ease.

•  Spreading right medical awareness.

CSR Date: 
Friday, December 25, 2015
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