Calories: 248 % Daily Value* Total Fat 13g: 17%: Saturated Fat 7g: 36%: Cholesterol 81mg: 27%: Sodium 139mg: 6%: Total Carbohydrate 27g: 10%: Dietary Fiber 0g: 2%: Protein 5g: Calcium 84mg: 6% *The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. If you can handle the high sugar intake, try their warm galaktoboureko with a scoop of Mastronikolas’ delicious sheep’s milk ice-cream. Melt the butter in the microwave for 1 ½ minutes at 800 watts. 1 . Many layers of filo dough, separated with melted butter and vegetable oil, are laid in the pan. To make this Galaktoboureko recipe, start by preparing the syrup.Into a small pan add the sugar, the water and lemon zest (and a cinammon stick) and bring to the boil.Let it simmer for about 5 minutes, until the sugar has dissolved; remove the pan from the stove, add the honey and stir.Leave the syrup aside to cool completely. Serves 16 . Another of the best spots for galaktoboureko in Athens is Mastronikolas, a dairy and pastry shop keeping the residents of Piraeus sweet since 1909. UNITS: US. For the galaktoboureko. The process is more complex but the result is much more delicious than if we used plain mince. 6 . Excludes meat, fish, mollusks. Apr 16, 2019 - A traditional Greek dessert very similar to the Greek Baklava. Cabbage Rolls, very tasty, with many spices, cooked in a pot on carrots and leeks. Galaktoboureko also can be made into baked rolls of custard-filled phyllo dough. Diet based on cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and other animal foods such as honey and eggs. Use your fingers to untangle the shredded phyllo dough, making sure that there are no knots and spread it apart. The difference, which characterizes this dish is that the meat is cut into very small cubes. You can also melt it in a small saucepan. I HAD to try it out. Portion(s) 3. Kataifi pronounced ‘kah-tah-EE-fee’. I … Anyways so I somehow managed to find a recipe for Kokkari’s Galaktoboureko (YES!!) Served with ice cream, it is stuff dreams are made of, that is dreams of people who are always dream dessert-ME!! Discover (and save!) Custard: 4 eggs Place the kataifi We have 3 galaktoboureko custard phyllo dough Recipes for Your choice! MAKE IT SHINE! Lemon & Olives is run by us, Kenton & Jane. We’ve collected many Greek recipes over the years from Greece and family members, and we’re still learning as we go! Layers of phyllo dough sandwich a fabulous custard filling. Made with phyllo pastry, filled with semolina custard cream, and soaked in syrup. Traditional Galaktoboureko Recipe by NIKOLETTA. Hi! A layer of chopped nuts—typically walnuts or pistachios, but hazelnuts are also sometimes used—is placed on top, then … READY IN: 1hr 30mins. Get the best and healthy galaktoboureko custard phyllo dough Recipes! Don't let this recipe intimidate you. Preheat the oven to 160* C (320* f) Fan. Nuts Free Diet. cups whole milk. your own Pins on Pinterest Make sure when you say kataifi you emphasise the ‘EE’ sound so you sound like a true Greek (“,). eggs. Jul 28, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Onnair Food Sweet. 1 . My wife and I are both physicians and both have very busy… Galaktoboureko - the mini version of the classic "Greek Custard Pie" in phyllo rolls. The Greek traditional way of making it. Baklava is normally prepared in large pans. It usually takes about 10 women to prepare the hundreds of cigar-shaped galaktoboureko rolls for the festival. ADD YOUR PHOTO. This recipe for galaktoboureko squares comes from Nora Kefalas, who says any leftovers should be refrigerated uncovered to maintain crispness. Aug 5, 2017 - Custard Filled Pastry Rolls-Galaktoboureko, Custard Filled Pastry Rolls-Galaktoboureko Recipes, in a newspaper a while back and I was SO excited. cup semolina flour. INGREDIENTS Nutrition. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. It is usually followed when someone is allergic to nuts. Weeks before the event, Kefalas and others meet at … The poppy seed roll is a pastry consisting of a roll of sweet yeast bread (a viennoiserie) with a dense, rich, bittersweet filling of poppy seed.An alternative filling is a paste of minced walnuts, or minced chestnuts.. 10-12. SERVES: 15. It’s a site dedicated to authentic Greek recipes and exploring Greek travel and culture. It is popular in Central Europe and parts of Eastern Europe, where it is commonly eaten at Christmas and Easter time. 30' Ηands on. Galaktoboureko . Cabbage Rolls at Niko Niko's Greek & American Cafe "So I will preface by saying that I am half-Greek and love Greek food and have been coming to this place with my mom for years. Vegetarian Diet. A Galaktoboureko is this roll of phyllo dough filled with an amazing pastry cream and topped off with a sweet syrup. 1 ⁄ 4. teaspoon salt. 6 . With the same stuffing we make and red/purple cabbage rolls, with red cabbage. 1 mai 2019 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Mirjana. Repeat with the rest of the kataifi dough and filling. Lightly grease a 28 cm round baking pan with some of the melted butter. Kataifi rolls are a popular Greek dessert just like galaktoboureko and baklava. Jul 7, 2019 - A recipe for Greek Custard Pie, otherwise known as Galaktoboureko. Syrup may be made ahead and stored in a refrigerator for up to three weeks. Great Greek dessert. cup white sugar. Greek custard pie - Galaktoboureko. 3 1 ⁄ 2. tablespoons cornstarch. 100' Cook Time. Lemony semolina custard in a phyllo crust with lemon syrup. Αdd to my “Recipe Book” Need to login. Difficulty. Zaar World Tour 2006 Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert made with a custard in a crispy phyllo pastry shell. This is a recipe that my mom got from a coworker and would make regularly when I was young. Galaktoboureko recipe: Try this Galaktoboureko recipe, or contribute your own. This should take about 3-4 minutes.

galaktoboureko rolls calories

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