Intensive Care Unit(ICU)

Powered by the gift of latest medical technology, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Indus International Hospital is an ‘all-in-on’ division that has the greatest support of coordinating team and experienced care unit specialists.  The life saving miracles that Indus has been performing from quite a while now is somewhere possible because of the imperative assistance of our ICU divisions. We give much of the credit of this success to the existing coordination between our teams. ICU at Indus Super Speciality Hospital is all about fast diagnosis, effective treatment, proactive monitoring and keen analysis of the patient’s condition.

The Various ICU Services at Indus:

- Meticulous treatment of patients facing critical condition.

- Inter-hospital division and support to cover minutest of detail in healthcare service.

- Qualified method of monitoring patients.

- Using life saving ventilators, arterial catheters and defibrillators for advanced support.

- Versatile range of specialists from diverse fields.

- 24X7 support of medical supervision.

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