No matter at what stage they are, under the Nephrology Division, IIH treats patients with kidney diseases! The goal with Nephrology Division is simple. It is to provide-

1. 12-bedded Dialysis Day care unit support.

2. High quality treatment

3. Understanding the inherent disorder of the disease (including diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease)

Dialysis Center:

For those who suffer kidney failure, the dialysis center at Indus Hospital provides a safe procedure of blood filtration and cleaning. Indus Hospital aims to extend a comfortable and hygienic ambiance for the patients following the procedure of dialysis. Our on-board Dialysis unit includes certified nephrologists, paramedical staff and exceptionally supervised process of treatment.

Some outstanding features of our Dialysis unit:

1. Providing solutions for chronic hemodialysis.

2. Advanced solutions for acute dialysis coupled with reverse osmosis water treatment system.

3. Dialysis with the aid of ultra filtration.

4. Dedicated day care unit for both positive and negative patient.

5. Separate use of machineries for positive patients. 


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