Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

IIH Orthopedics Division is dedicated to providing influential services for healthcare needs related to joints, ligaments, bones, and muscles in particular. For musculoskeletal disorders, we compromise with nothing but quality. Nevertheless, during the course of our treatment, we prefer following a compassionate approach in the treatment of our patients. Indus Hospital also offers medical cum surgical solutions for Joint replacement treatments. Indus Hospital teams proactive medical specialists with productive medical tools and equipments for delivering the best orthopedic solutions to our patients. At Indus, we aims to extent pain-free treatments to the patients, so that they can get back to their routine lives in the most subtle manner. Be it a sprain, strains or broken bones, IIH Orthopedics Division provides round the clock services for all related needs. In orthopedics, we specialize in:

1. Critical surgeries like joint replacement.

2. We follow minimally invasive surgical options.

3. The other approaches we follow are Anterior Hip Approach.

4. Prefer avoiding unnecessary tests.

5. Cross-Division support of physical therapists, pain management specialists, radiologists and oncologists

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