The Urology department at Indus International  Hospital is devoted to provide an active diagnosis and accurate treatment to the patients dealing with urological and genital problems. Indus focuses on both invasive and non-invasive measures of treatment in nurturing the best solution for our patients. The idea to provide maximum comfort during the course of treatment is dear to us! The urology department at Indus International Hospital specializes in services for pediatrics and neonatology.

Neonatology and Pediatrics:

During the course of maternal sonography, much fetal irregularities are detected that could be a reason for neonatal urology disorders. From detecting the anomalies to curing issues like urinary retention, abdominal masses, scrotal masses and abnormal external genitalia in neonatal, the urology department at Indus International Speciality hospital covers everything. With the help of our professional specialist and modern equipment, we make the course of urological distress easy for our patients. For neonatal, the idea is to make the treatment absolutely painless.

 Right from the birth of a child to the young adolescents, the urology department at Indus treats childhood urological disorders in the most proficient way. With the help of a caring staff and cutting edge technology that combines excellent pediatric care, we cure the urological problems in the young ones.

Indus Super Speciality Hospital provides urological solutions for:

•           Enuresis that is commonly known as bedwetting.

•           Bladder Exstrophy and cloacal Exstrophy.

•           Treatment for undescended testicles in boys.

•           Ureteropelvic junction obstruction.

•           Vesicoureteral reflux.

Prostate Care:

The problem with prostate can start right from the size of a prostate to end at prostate cancer. While half of the men in the world are generally affected with prostate related problems, some of them completely ignore the signs in the earlier stages of diagnostics. Nevertheless, the prostate related disorders are not only painful but also uncomfortable for the sufferer. At Indus International Speciality Hospital, we take measurable steps to detect and treat prostate related urology problems.

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