Ear, Nose and Throat: With the aid of a versatile medical staff and proactive management team, the department covers all the related needs of ear, nose and throat infections. The ENT division at Indus also extents diagnostic treatment services for complications related to ear, nose and throat. From consultation to surgery- our otolaryngologist experts, audiologists, speech language pathologists and medical professionals will provide quality assistance for all ENT related needs. The team specializes in providing healthcare services for:

- Head and neck surgery.

- Laryngology.

- Rhinology.

- Voice Disorders

- Ear Surgery

- Pediatric Otolaryngology

- Hearing loss

- Smell and taste disorders

- Allergy

- Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

The ENT Department at Indus provides exclusive care with:

- Specialized Sleep labs in the hospital premise for curing sleep disorders, snoring issues, sleep apnea, etc. 

- Hearing and balance clinics that can provide diagnostic services for hearing, balancing function and vertigo (for both children and adults).

- Treatment for ear and hearing disorders that includes issues pertaining to otitis, ear pain, pressure in the ear, hearing aid, ringing in ear, etc.

- Treatment for throat includes solutions for oral cavity, larynx disorder, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, coughing, voice disorder, and thyroid dysfunctions.

- Indus Hospital also provides solutions for Rhinitis, chronic inflammation in nasal membranes, sinusitis, smelling disorder, related allergies, etc.

- Cancer related concerns for ear, nose and throat.

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