Indus provides comprehensive services of medical ICU at the hospital premise! As we move ahead to share a multidisciplinary approach through our medical ICU, we know what it takes to sustain the position of being the best in the Tricity. Go deep with the professional knowledge, acquire a team of dedicated medical experts, and be ready to face the dynamic challenges of the emergency situation- a medical intensive care unit is more about these elements than anything routine. At Indus, we make sure to promise the best.

Some key features of medical ICU at Indus hospitals:

• Diagnostics and treatment facilities for critical problems like respiratory failure, ARDS, pneumonia, asthma, neuromuscular diseases, shock, heart failure, acute/chronic renal failure, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, pancreatitis, liver failure, cerebral infarction, etc.

• Favorable critical care services for all patients.

• Productive airway management and endotracheal intubation.

• Top quality aid for mechanical ventilation, central venous cauterization, hemodynamic monitoring, thoracostomy tube insertion, and so on.

• We follow a professional multidisciplinary cum comprehensive approach in our medical ICU.

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