Weaving the delight of blissful mental wellness!

Are you looking forward to create a perfect balance in your body, mind, and soul? The psychiatry department at Indus Hospital is the treat for you! At Indus, we know what your soul inspires. As a driving source of your body, soul prolongs for a healthy environment that can discover, nurture, and support the various needs of physical fitness.

The psychiatry department at Indus strives to provide treatment for physical fitness, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual awakening.

Features of Physical Fitness Treatment:

•           Guiding patient about absolute balance in nutrition.

•           Sharing diet charts as per the age of the patient.

•           Specialized diet planning for patients suffering from diabetics and hypertension.

•           Weight loss programs.

•           Sharing the perils of the sedentary lifestyle.

•           Promoting the advantages of routine exercise.

•           Providing ease to blood pressure, circulation, cholesterol and body fats.

Features of Emotional Wellbeing Treatment:

•           Providing professional services for stress management.

•           Imparting the essence of dealing with anger.

•           Assessing psychiatric problems like depression, disorder, anxiety, obsessive compulsion and phobias.

•           Dealing with childhood related issues like bet wetting, hyperactivity, inattention, lack of concentration, poor memory and disinterest.

•           Providing medical solutions for aging problems like poor memory, depression, post retirement adjustments, etc.

•           Women-oriented problems like premenstrual tension, postpartum depression, menopause depression, and so on.

•           Indoor and outdoor facilities for De-addiction treatments in alcohol, opioids, cannabis and smoking.

Features of Spiritual Awakening Treatment:

•           Treatment through hypnotherapy and regression therapy.

•           Using the merits of Theta Healing.

•           Empowering the subconscious mind for power-packed thinking.

•           Dealing with the negative thought process and changing the outlook of our patients.

•           Enhancing memory and boasting self-confidence of patients.

•           Implementing strategies for personality development.

•           Negating the problem of fears and phobias.

•           Dealing with life challenges in a constructive manner.

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