Pediatric care at Indus- All because we owe a beautiful tomorrow from our kids!

At Indus International Hospital, we understand the essence of care and love in the healthcare treatment- all because Pediatrics is a virtuous science that deals with the health-related requirements of children. The pediatrics department at Indus International Hospital brings together a professional team of certified pediatricians with skilled nurses and paramedical staff. To weave the best bond of tender care for the young ones, we bring the active dose of compassionate medical aid with fine consultation services.

The pediatrics department at Indus International Hospital provides:

•           Timely and routine aid for well-baby checkups.

•           Consultation for lactation and annual physicals.

•           Active aid for adolescent health care facilities.

•           Pediatric care for disorders like Diabetes, seasonal flu, and gastrointestinal disorders.

•           Routine immunization and vaccinations for kids.

•           Allocating special checkup sessions for nutrition and weight management.

•           Providing medical aid for allergies, skin disorder, rashes, and other infectious diseases.

•           Providing complete care for kids with special needs.

•           Dealing with obesity management in children.

•           Ensuring medical aid for uneven behavioral and developmental changes.

The professional Child Life specialists at Indus are dedicated to promote the optimal healthcare services in child development cycle. In the journey of sharing positive habits and right medical services for kids, we have come across a long way. We are happy that Indus was always blessed with the right team and equipment for dealing with all the circumstances. The Pediatric medical services at Indus also includes services for cancer care, pastoral care, sleep disorder, pediatric radiology, lab diagnostics, intensive care unit, seasonal flu information, and so on. Visit Indus for all the pediatric medical, neonatal consultation and surgical related needs. We promise the best possible healthcare solution for the kids through our pediatric care center!

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