Believe in the merits of accurate imaging for diagnosing the root of your illness! At Indus hospitals, we bring the best imaging techniques for decoding the medical condition of our patients. Needless to say, we make it possible with the help of a specialized team of Radiology professionals and technologist. The Radiology department at Indus hospital provides medical services for Interventional Radiology, Mammography, MRI, Ultrasound, X ray, body imaging, obstetrical Ultrasound, thoracic imaging, Neurointerventional, Neuroradiology, etc. The wide spectrum of modalities and specialization powers our imaging centers at Indus.

The Radiology Department at Indus Hospital promises:

          1.Treatment through high-quality imaging equipment and technology.

          2. Timely medical services for patient’s satisfaction.

          3. Expertise supervision and diagnostic interpretation.

          4. Proactive therapeutic intervention services.

          5. Keeping the promise of ensuring comfort in essential treatment.

          6. Quick sharing of diagnostic reports for initiating early treatments.

          7. Dedicated departments for CT scan, radiation, and X-ray.

          8. Easy access to high resolution images.

          9. Immediate appointments and proactive solution.

         10. Using Patch Software for effective reporting.

The benefits of right Radiology treatments are immense! With the help of Diagnostic imaging, it is nearly possible to detect and compete with some life threatening diseases. Such diseases include cancer, blood clots, tuberculosis, cardiac arrest, etc.

The ‘state of art’ diagnostic center at Indus understands the necessity of analyzing human body with effective imaging. For the righteous purpose of identification and detection of disease, it is vital to choose the correct diagnostic path. Radiology can help in identifying the hidden injuries at a very early stage of treatment, done with the aid of advanced imaging equipment and team. From Neuroimaging to musculoskeletal, general and vascular radiology, Indus hospital provides medical excellence to all related needs. Book your appointment now- the radiology department at Indus provides round the clock availability.

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