Home Care

The continuation of medical supervision even after the patient is discharge!

With Indus Home Care, we understand that care doesn’t have a specific address! It simply goes beyond the walls of hospitals and could be continued to the residential premise of our patients. Indus Hospital associates itself with the ultimate purpose of medical home care, providing nursing care at the doorstep of our patients. In the course of assisting the utmost comfort of our patients, we know the magical significance of ‘being at home’ feeling. Dealing with illness and disabilities without the aid of ‘flexible’ medical supervision is full of difficulties. With home care facilities, Indus powers the idea of comfort, reliability and convenience to the patients.

Under the home care programme, Indus hospitals provide:

-  Compassionate nursing care.

-  Services for scheduled Doctor’s visit.

-  Reliable Rehab programme.

-  Special Diagnostic Visits.

-  Physiotherapy Treatment.

Nursing Services at Indus Homecare Includes:

-  Routine check up for vital signs like body temperature pulse rate, respiration and Blood pressure.

-  Tepid Sponge facilities to adults and children suffering from high fever.

-  Major and minor dressing facilities.

-  Personal teaching and training programs related to dressing, stoma care and wound washing.

-  Suture removal, ryles tube removal and care of tracheotomy tube.

-  Preventive care for pressure sores, chest complications and contractures.

-  Giving recommended injections IM and IV (on doctor’s prescription).

-  Blood glucose monitoring and steam inhalation.

-  Counseling and care for chemotherapy sessions.

-  Medical assistance for B.C.G, Nebulisation, bladder catheterization (Female).

-  Port needle- IV Therapy and Blood Collection.

-  Urine sample collection via Foleys catheter.

-  Suppository application and Flatus tube insertion.

-  Giving feed.

-  Enemas.

Services for Doctor Visit Includes:

No matter whether the patient is facing problems pertaining to immobility or psychiatric instability, home-based care via Doctor’s visit is beneficial in more than many ways. With our ‘Doctor visit’ service, Indus provides:

-  Aid to home-based medical examinations and consultation.

-  Solutions for on-going treatments in a convenient manner.

-  Diagnostic testing that is done within the presence of physicians.

-  Coordinating with home care paramedical staff like nurses.

-  Review of the current state of patient.

-  Solutions for Electrocardiogram (ECG).

-  Special visits for rehabilitation services.

Home Care Physiotherapy Visits:

The department of Physiotherapy at Indus is managed by a highly proficient team of well-trained therapists. For the home care services, we offer a skilled range of physicians that provides:

-  Solutions for home exercise therapy- simply rehabilitating patients.

-  Pain relief therapies using electrotherapy methods like Short wave diathermy (SWD), Trans-electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and ultrasonic therapy.

-  Boasting the strength on muscle. It is done with the help of functional muscle stimulation.

-  Providing medical aid for walking and gait training.

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