The department of Pathology at Indus Hospital deals with comprehensive diagnostic services that go in accordance with the advance methods of patient care. We make it possible with the help of high quality medical research, constructive laboratory testing, state of art technology and experienced professionals dealing with pathology for quite a while. Examining tissues or organs with utmost dedication and concern is the prime aim of our pathology department. As a healthcare leader in the Tricity region, we believe in sharing a compassionate environment and service in the field of pathology. From general pathology to anatomical and clinical pathology, Indus healthcare services deal with every bit of it.

Through the pathology services, Indus promises:

•           Proactive laboratory analysis of blood, urine, and tissues.

•           Specialized testing for diagnosing diseases.

•           Sample collection for analyzing patient’s blood count

•           Checking the blood clotting ability or urine electrolytes.

•           Comprehensive fluid testing services for blood, semen, saliva, ascetic, cervical and pleural fluid.

•           High quality testing parameters for pericardial fluid.

•           Sustaining accuracy and superior quality in lab reports.

•           Reducing the chance of human interference by accepting the virtues of technology.

Indus promises round the clock laboratory services in the pathology department. As an approach that promises 24X7 availability, Indus pathology department is determined to serve the best solutions for our patient. Be it a general or clinical pathology, accuracy is the driving force behind our every action.

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