Cardiac, Oncology, Gynae & Dietary camp at Nalagarh

The growing surge between the demand and supply of medical facilities is unhealthy for the progress of our society. Driven with the idea to help the medical needs of patients situated across Nalagarh, a district of Himachal Pradesh, Indus conducted a medical healthcare camp on 20th Aug 2015. The camp was led by PRO Ramandeep and Mr. Harpal Singh, and the aim of the camp was to provide medical checkup facility for Cardiac, Oncology, Gynae and Dietary related needs.

Some key features of the medical camp:

•  More than 150 patients attended the ‘one-day’ camp.

•  The medical camp was facilitated by professional consultants and para-medical staff.

•  The growing need of oncology and cardiac treatment was evidently visible.

•  Basic Dietary information about essential nutrients was distributed to the patients.

•  Gained insight on the current medical scenario of Nalagarh.

CSR Date: 
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
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