INDUS Hospitals has one of the largest dialysis units. In addition, all the ICUs' have dialysis facility. Regular dialysis facilities are available in the center from 7:00 am to midnight, besides emergency dialysis round the clock. Equipped with world-class hemodialysis machines and other equipment’s, dialysis unit has been designed with utmost care to ensure patients safety infection control and to prevent long term complications on hemodialysis. Right from cheerful ambience to trained staff, members who have been chosen with precision to provide patients comfort and care that makes them feel better while they receive treatment.

Dialysis unit not only provides hemodialysis but also a variety of extra corporeal therapies using advanced equipment. To complement the dialysis services, the unit also provides and active peritoneal dialysis program.

Some outstanding features of our Dialysis unit:

• Providing solutions for chronic hemodialysis.

• Advanced solutions for acute dialysis coupled with reverse osmosis water treatment system.

• Dialysis with the aid of ultra filtration.

• For critically ill patients, Indus provides continuous renal replacement therapy.

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