The beginning of correct treatment starts with the right diagnosis- all because it clarifies the path to be followed in the medical treatment. Giving much of the credit to the stage of correct diagnosis, we follow a reliable strategy in the process of healthcare treatment. At Indus Scan Labs, we understand the significance of having a credible Diagnostic center in the hospital premise. Our Diagnostic wing offers:

1. Picture archiving and communication system (PACS): all digital imagery and no filming. The system felicitates instant access, interpretation and availability to all clinicians.

2. Complete Radiology and fluoroscope services.

3. Advanced color flow ultrasound.

4. Special Digital peripheral vascular imaging and x ray.

5. Mammography with stereotactic biopsy capacities.

6. Hi-speed spiral CT scanning 16 slices- Siemens Somatom and kidney lithotripsy.

7. Qualified solutions for X-ray of Chest, knees, hips, arm, and shoulder.

8. Indus Scan Lab provides ‘Home Sample Collection Services’ for lab testing- promising comfort for the patients.

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