Care for the food that nourishes your body. Eat ‘right’ with Indus!

At Indus International hospital, we understand the healthy needs of your body and thus, Dietetics is the science that we share with our patients. The idea of improving body nutrients for maintaining consistency in health is the main motive behind our dietetics services. Indus International hospital powers professional dietitians for sustaining the essence of goodness in health. At the same time, it is duly important to impart the knowledge of proper diet and major nutrition problems in the public health domain. Putting the right information into the practice and adopting healthy habits is the basic reason of dietetics services at Indus. There is no standard diet chart for the diverse range of patients at Indus- we believe in extending individual services to all!

The Dietetics Department at Indus International Hospital provides:

•           Diet care services to patients that include the benefits of a balanced lifestyle.

•           Promoting healthy habits through proper professional guidance.

•           Striving for a ‘wholesome’ approach i.e. compels for a healthy body, mind, and soul.

•           Increase food awareness to create a fine link in-between nutrition and health.

•           Planning special diets for diabetic patients and sharing proper diet charts.

•           Planning special diets for patients that are fed through tubes or follow a liquid diet.

•           Detailed diet planning for patients suffering from obesity.

•           Providing dietetics consultation to patients suffering from kidney, liver and heart diseases.

•           Ensuring proficient medical nutrition therapy

•           Ensuring timely research and development in dietary learning.

With the modern state of art equipment, Indus plans to provide the best dietetics services to our patients situated in the Tricity region. Our team of dieticians is made of professionally enthusiastic experts that could find the inherent relationships of health and food. From consultation to the food service management of our patients, the dietetics includes everything that is influential for the best health of our patients.

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