State of Art Equipment

The State of Art Medical Equipment used at Indus redefines the parameters of quality, care and class in itself. As an epitome of healthcare services, Indus believes in delivering the best medical results and to make it possible, we rely on our medical equipment. At Indus, we take effective steps to celebrate the union of technology with a conscience. It couples a conscience towards proactive safety in the essential medical treatments offered at Indus. Influencing the medical experience of our patients in the most efficient way through our resources is a vital concern for us.

Ultrasound Machine:

The tale of extraordinary imaging doesn’t end with CT Machines- it rather goes a step ahead with the Ultrasound Machines powered at Indus! The ultrasound machines used at Indus is specifically designed for the goodness in healthcare solutions of our patients. Since we have designed the machines keeping the patients in mind, the machine is well-rehearsed with the art of ultimate patient care. It is committed to provide the best imaging services for diagnosing the root cause of a medical condition. The equipment used at Indus includes ultrasound machines, general imaging, vivid cardiovascular system, and other ultrasound accessories.

Currently, Indus is use three different types of Ultrasound machines:

-   GE Logiq Ultrasound Machine.

-   GE-Voluson E8 Ultrasound Machine.

-   D Toon Aloka Ultrasound Machine.

-   Brand new Voluson P8 model USG Scanner.

-   All machines are light weighted and portable.

-   Enable HD display in the 15” screen.

-   Provides features like real time 4D, 3D Multiplanar Display and Automatic Optimization.

-   Powers CrossXBeam CRI, Sono NT, SonoRender Start, and Anatomical M-Mode.

-   Features like on board archive that includes Preview and Pre Selection.

-   Convex, linear and TVS probe with Voluson 3D Probe for 4D reconstruction.

Siemens Primus Radiation Therapy Machine:

The radiation therapy machine at Indus uses the meticulous rays of energy to damage the cancerous cells in the body of a patient. As a part of a careful process, the radiation therapy allows a minimal exposure of healthy tissue to the system. Damaging the DNA of the cancer cells, the radiation therapy machine allows the ability to reproduce in a cell. At the same time, the process is also beneficial for the recovery of normal cells. The radiation therapy machine at Indus also provides the facility of 3-D body scan. Indus ensures a safe and secure method of treatment in the radiology department. Our external beam radiotherapy treatment is profound with the best professional guidance. The team of proactive radiology consultants and oncologist will help your medical journey in a unanimous manner.

At Indus, we power:

-   ‘Siemens Primus M Medical Linear Accelerator’ as a Radiation Equipment.

-   Providing services for conventional and conformal radiation Therapy.

-   Includes proficiency in IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy).

-   Deals with Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT).

-   Ensures the precision of stereotactic Radio surgery.

-   Also helps the Image Guided Radiation Therapy.

Allengers Altima (100 KV) Cath Lab Machine:

The Catheterization Laboratory at Indus powers the best means of diagnostic imaging that could be used in visualizing the arteries and chambers of the heart. The various facilities like X-ray generator and image intensifier used in the Cath Lab Department of Indus help us in delivering quick results. We use the digital method of reporting and recording information in our Cath Lab. As a complete care unit, Indus provides round the clock services of imaging in CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, ECGs, Cath, and electrophysiology procedures. With the best use of Cath Lab Machine, Indus believes in the merits of long-term storage of facts and records. Not to forget, quality imaging and the digitalized procedure is the first concern for us.

The Cath Lab Machine at Indus provides:

-   Clinical services for Angiography and Angioplasty.

-   Providing ease to the Pacemaker (PPI) procedure.

-   Covers peripheral Angiography and Angioplasty.

-   TPI, Renal Ambulization, Carotid Angio and Carotidplasty.

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