At Indus Hospital, we provide specialized treatment of Orthopedic Traumatology to our patients. Providing expert care and medical supervision to the patients dealing with severe musculoskeletal injuries and related complications, Indus Hospital shares a keen conscience of extending credible treatment to the patients. The history of Orthopedic Traumatology at Indus reflects a successful past of treating complex orthopedic cases! Needless to say, we made it possible with the help of our professional team, proactive consultation and proficient way of dealing with shock trauma.

Orthopedic Traumatology wing at Indus Hospital deals with medical treatment related to:

•           Acute injuries- both long and short term.

•           Providing treatment to different type of fractures (be it lower or upper extremes)

•           Dealing with open fractures

•           People suffering from multiple injuries.

•           Fractures in Pelvic, Acetabular (hip) and Geriatric.

•           Rare injuries that require the transfer of hyperbaric oxygen.

•           Complicated cases of non-unions (these are the fractures that did not heal)

•           Dealing with mal-unions (these are the fractures that heal in a poor state)

•           Specializing in providing medical aid to bone fractures, Arthritis and aftermaths of fracture.

The shock trauma faculty at Indus binds the best rehabilitation network for the patients. For bringing out the best results in treatment, Indus believes in the merits of constant research and learning. A treatment coupled with professional physicians, biomechanical fracture fixations, rehabilitation programs, and constructive medical strategies is all that a patient needs. Indus hospital promises all!

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