Ensuring the essence of quality in life, Physiotherapy is an art that enables the ability of restoration in body movement. At Indus, we understand the vital significance of maintaining agility in life. Owing to this, Indus owes a professional team of verified physiotherapists and experts that can induce the agile element of proactive movement in the lives of our patients. While the general belief that declares physiotherapy as a need for the elderly group is true, at the same time, we cannot deny the growing needs of physiotherapy for all the ages.  The discomfort in movement is not always due to aging. It can be due to the aftermaths of injury, disease, disability, and so on. At Indus Hospital, we offer the combined grace of manual therapy, technology, knowledge and professional consultation.

The Physiotherapy department at Indus Hospitals Provide:

1. Specialized services for orthopedic and muscular-skeletal movement needs.

2. Constructive aid for pain management.

3. Enabling movement through physiotherapy in vascular, prosthetics and limb rehab.

4. Attending the urgent call of trauma

5. Dealing with both acute as well as chronic respiratory disorders.

6. Sorting obstetrics, urogynaecological, neurology, stroke and cancer related problems.

7. Special care for pediatric and neonatal.

The physiotherapy department at Indus encourages an open form of communication between patient and physicians. Indus always believes in adopting technology that is comfortable to the interest of its users. As we step ahead in our healthcare facilities, we know how important it is to walk hand in hand with the latest trends and equipment. The physiotherapy department at Indus follows the same ideology of constant development and upliftment. On one hand, while we are constantly evolving with technology, at the same time, we are also appointing special means to encourage the manual therapy process. The physiotherapy treatment also includes exercising sessions and timely education series.

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