I trust Richard’s opinions on guitars and would not hesitate to recommend his business. 01789 263333. https://rguitars.co.uk/ Claim this company. Recommended. Far better than the price tag would suggest.A nice afternoon was had collecting it from the shop in Stratford too. Anyway after a slew of patronising and rude emails. 5,6 mil Me gusta. I've read the FGN's come from the factory superbly set up anyway so maybe there wasn't much to do to this one, but I can see myself buying another from him in the future, especially if it's a budget type guitar, or an Eastman, Gordon Smith or such like. Keiths Richards Main Guitar Micawber is the name of Keith’s butterscotch Fender Telecaster. Normally would rate with 3.5 stars. If I remember correctly you may have missed an email explaining the appointment system that we are running with COVID - for this reason when you arrived we had to give the guitar to you at the door. I never had a guitar setup like this.... astonishing. Both times I was kept fully apprised from start to finish. Consultations and advice about guitar specs prior to the purchase were also very helpful. I created a complex situation for Gordon Smith guitars and Richards Guitars which they sorted out quickly and professionally and the quality of fit and finish of the guitar is beyond anything ive seen Thank You. Highly recommend richardsguitars not only for their excellent service but also for the interesting range of guitars they carry. I Finally received the guitar where it looked like someone had tried to take the frets down with a floor sander and removed wood from the fretboard, not evenly all the way along just in 1 area (2nd.3rd & 4th frets) After raising a polite email to complain, I dealt with Richards polite staff who excepted the issue due to the very clear photos. Submit. Blacklist of bad, negligent and unreliable companies and business. I was in no hurry for the guitar and sure enough it was worth the wait. The guitar is a beauty, which is not Richards doing, but the setup is smack on perfect. Having had many 'Strat' type guitars over the years and never really bonded with them, even a Fender Custom Shop one, I was still looking for 'the ideal' one. Guitar came well-packed and set-up very well. Worst guitar buying experience of my entire life. But I had non of it. I had them anyway collected over the years but this is disappointing FGN? Gauges .011,.015,.018,.030,.042. First time ordering a guitar online. After many hours mulling over online reviews and You-tube videos, and not having the energy to trail around guitar shops, I decided on the FGN Odyssey Standard. ”. I wish Rguitars would just leave it (Rguitars re-edited the response again on 14/7/20). A big “Thank you” to Richard & the rest of the team. The Rolling Stones guitarist voiced his thoughts in an interview with Rolling Stone.When asked if he had been listening to new music from the rock world, Richards offered, “There is no new rock ’n’ roll. I am so so pleased you love yours. Not fiction at all, Rguitars is a rude and condisending person that gets aggressive and nasty if you have any concern with what has sent out to you no matter how polite you are, I'm not the only person that's seen this side of Rguitars a simple Google search will serve you all well. Thank you SO much for the kind words. I knew before hand delivery would take a while as Eastman were redesigning their guitars and Richard was waiting on new stock. A quick chat online with Jon found they had a Charcoal Grey one in the shop, my second choice colour but went for it. I will use Richards Guitars again. The neck needed a little adjustment a day later but easily done, being used to messing around with guitars not an issue for me. If you want foolproof bass lessons and kickass gear reviews, BassBuzz is where you can find 'em. Staff are helpful and they have a good selection of sheet music and gifts (for the music lover in your life). I would highly recommend them. New shop informed me he had to take the fret edges down as they were sharp, fortunately he didn't use a Floor sander.23/6/20 Called Rguitars because I genuinely wanted to take down this review and leave it at that if only they listened to me. All rights reserved. The guitars were set up perfectly and packaged really well. It isn't C and F chords, and it apparently isn't Keef's usual open G with the bottom string removed. That last part is crucial. Initial phone contact was handled by Rikki who confirmed they would provide a selection of guitars for me to try and also that they would be able to do a setup on my existing Vintage VRS 100 whilst I was in the shop.On arrival at the shop I was met by Jon who made himself available to answer any questions I may have but also allowed me the freedom to try a variety of guitars on my own which was much appreciated.Later in the afternoon Richard walked in and we had a pleasant chat over a coffee.

richards guitars reviews

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