That makes it easier on the body, but not the most practical design for dealing with tight spaces. Latest review: I have an old model OHT 1850, 10 years … Its low weight and excellent acceleration are also remarkable. It cuts a slightly larger path at almost 14 inches. Worth the price. This Husqvarna trimmer uses a 36-volt battery, just like the FSA 56 and it you’ll get a similar amount of run time on one charge – usually somewhere between 35 and 45 minutes. As you might expect with all that power, it does weigh a little more than standard trimmers. You won’t get much more than 20 minutes of work done on one charge and that will be a non-starter for some. That it was for people that didn’t understand engines. The folks at STIHL certainly think so. brushes and other confined areas, they also give you a little more reach. With older gas-powered lawn equipment, one of the biggest frustrations for anyone using them was getting them to start. That can be a lot of weight to swing around and that’s why they’ve also included a support strap to ease the burden. An entry-level trimmer may be fine for a homeowner with a small yard, but if you’ve just purchased a couple of acres in the country, you’ll need something a little more robust. The housing for the motor is lightweight, as well as impact and corrosion resistant. This test was a beast. It literally ran off with the runtime test, lasting almost five hours. That’s better than most battery-powered trimmers, but it doesn’t compare to the FSA 90 R’s ability to go for up to 2 hours with its upgraded battery. Their products are always built to last. Battery Trimmers Mobile, quiet and powerful. This model has a 36-volt battery that gives you lots of juice to get the job done. Unlike the FS 56 RC-E this Bolens trimmer has a curved shaft. It’s okay, but after a couple of years of use, you start to notice where they’ve taken short cuts. As an entry-level battery-powered string trimmer the FSA 56 has plenty of competition. It also happens to be a great way to get outside and get a little fresh air – you’ll even get in a little exercise while you’re at it. The FS 40 C-E is a relatively lightweight trimmer that’s a perfect entry-level trimmer for the home owner. Reviewed Jun 2020. An upgrade in the line change system used on Stihl’s stock head will bump it up a few points along with further noise reduction (though it’s nowhere near gas trimmers). A very light cordless hedge trimmer with good cutting performance for trimming branches in your home's outdoor spaces. Adjustable length pole. There’s also zero exhaust emissions, and zero engine maintenance. There are no worries when starting this machine. Like our STIHL trimmer, this model has a curved shaft. The FSE 60 is a good-quality STIHL electric weed trimmer with zero emissions. From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine. It weighs only 5.1 pounds and that makes it very easy to handle for almost anyone. As it is electric you will need an available wall outlet nearby, so it’s not ideal for property that’s more than ½ an acre. Powerful battery hedge trimmers for professional results on all types of hedge. This is an impressive machine with a 40-volt battery for extra power. That’s not bad for cordless freedom and strong cutting power. We think it’s excellent value for money. Sometimes you need something with a little more power. With its professional blades and individual settings for vertical or overhead cutting, the STIHL cordless long-reach hedge trimmer helps you work more quickly on high or wide hedges. The Kobalt KST 130X is a good machine with some clear advantages over its competitors. If you want to plow through weeds with ease it’s the machine you’ve been looking for. 4.9 from 11 reviews. Tackle your hedges with the Stihl HSA 45 cordless trimmer We have been impressed by Stihl’s battery-powered gardening equipment before. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other good choices on the market. It’s no wonder The issue we have with this model is the miniscule amount of run time you get when operating it. Part 4: Alternative Stihl Brush cutter Trimmers to Consider; Part 5: Conclusion; Before you begin, please be aware that guide price levels can only be shown at the time of this Stihl Grass trimmer brush cutter review, so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. The cutting deck on this machine is an impressive 22 inches and it has a powerful 173cc engine. The environment will thank you and so will your neighbors. That’s where STIHL shines even in this entry-level gas trimmer category. They may cost a little more, but they are worth every penny. There are few things that make me cringe more than watching a neighbor trying to awkwardly navigate the edges of their lawn with a lawn mower. With the extra horsepower, STIHL was able to include a 22-inch cutting deck without negatively affecting performance. It cuts a respectable 13-inch path which makes for quick work of most weed problems and it’s comparable to the FSA 90 R. As far as battery life is concerned this one does okay. After looking around for a good comparison product we settled on the Husqvarna 115iL. For example, it does have easy start technology that allows you to start the machine without having to pull a cord. Let’s just say I’ve come close to taking out my wife’s favorite flowers on occasion! This costs £199 for the hedge trimmer, battery and charger or £109 for the tool on its own. It’s quiet, comfortable and well balanced and is easy to use, with good safety features. The 16-inch cutting area is the largest tested. The FS 240 weighs in at 15.2 lbs and that’s why it has a two handled bicycle handle design that makes it easier to manage. For the rest of us a trimmer is a must and a STIHL trimmer is the best of the best. STIHL has a reputation for being a top-quality manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and it’s a reputation that’s well earned. If you have a small yard with just a few areas to trim you’ll be happy with it. It will start on the first pull just about every time and your shoulders will thank you! It cut through 1-inch-thick Japanese knotweed like it was grass, … Many consumers avoid battery-powered string trimmers because of the limited run time you get on an individual charge. The weight may be a bit much for some to handle, but the support strap does compensate for that. Both the FSE 60 and the Greenworks 21272 offer similar features. manufacturers aren’t too concerned about their products lasting, since we’re It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a gas-powered machine, electric, or a battery model. It also comes equipped with the familiar STIHL adjustable shaft for comfort and the looped handle can be adjusted up to 360 degrees as well. That is unless of course you’re okay with runaway weeds or you want to use a hedge trimmer. The FSE 60 is a good-quality electric trimmer with the STIHL name backing it, but it has some strong competition in its category. STIHL specifically designed this trimmer to be used by professionals. The biggest drawback is that you only get about 40 minutes run time (with AK 20) once the battery’s fully charged – if you have a large yard with a lot of weeds to trim this is not the trimmer for you. No matter which one of these STIHL trimmers you decide to go with, you’ll be satisfied with your choice. Some of its features suggest it can handle smaller hedges as well, and it costs less than some Stihl hedge trimmers have in the past. We’ve divided our reviews into three different categories: gas powered, battery powered, and electric powered string trimmers. It’s a top-quality STIHL weed trimmer and it performs as you would expect. Instead, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. If you tend to be a bit absent minded like me when doing the yard work this is a nice back up feature to have. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. They simply make a better quality trimmer than Black & Decker, so we’ll stick with our endorsement of the FSA 45 as the best choice in the entry-level battery powered trimmer category. This model also comes equipped with STIHL’s standard adjustable handle which can be adjusted up and down or rotated up to 360 degrees to make it more comfortable to handle. STIHL FSA 45. Buy the Stihl HSA 56 hedge trimmer on Amazon. All products were chosen independently by our editorial team. With its … The first product was a chainsaw, it debuted in 1930. Many suggest having a second battery ready to swap out and that may be the best option for any trimmer in this category. This STIHL gas-powered trimmer starts with very little effort thanks to their easy starting technology. That’s pretty normal for any gas powered trimmer though. It wasn’t easy finding a competitor to compare to the FS 240. The FS 40 C-E also comes equipped with a quick stop button that will stop the device quickly if you run into a snag. The other reason we believe the FSA 56 deserves a strong mention in our STIHL battery string trimmer reviews is because of how quiet it is. Make sure to get the Stihl Hedge Trimmer blade lubricant/cleaner aerosol can, too. Although the charge doesn’t last an extremely long time, you will be able to use it normally up until the charge runs out. The FS 56 RC-E’s straight shaft is a more practical design. It isn’t meant for heavy-duty jobs, but it’s a reliable machine that works as advertised. You’ll get a decent amount of running time with this model, but it doesn’t come close to the FSA 90 R’s potential to go for up to 2 hours. The engine speed remains constant on the 50cm blade regardless of the load. The STIHL 2-mix engine, designed for the latest generation of hedge trimmers, consumes very little fuel and so reduces emissions. For the environmentally conscious consumer this one may pose a bit of a problem. If you find yourself leaning towards a green option that leaves only a small footprint on the environment while you work outdoors a cordless battery powered trimmer is the best way to go. Typically this model retails somewhere between $125 and $150. At just a little over 7 lbs it’s lighter than the FSE 60, but not by much. Stihl HSA 56 hedge trimmer review In a nutshell With a strong, efficient cut this quiet, comfortable cordless hedge trimmer handles well, comes with a two-year warranty and is great value for money. Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Trimmer Review I was wrong. It may also be because you’re a professional landscaper. This trimmer is compatible with two different batteries – the AP 300 runs for about 30 minutes and the AR 2000 can run for up to 2 hours on one charge. It really doesn’t have any. It’s cordless and there are no emissions to worry about. Cordless. The bottom line is that the FSE 60 is a great option for the environmentally conscious consumer with a small to medium sized lawn. They may be the only maker of lawn care equipment that still refuses to embrace selling online – it’s one area that the completion has an advantage.

stihl cordless hedge trimmer reviews

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