Result Of The Committee

Result of The Committee Hospital Based (Competent Authority) Or District Level Authorization Committee 
Date of the Committee Meeting Type of the Committee (Hospital Based On District Level Authorization Committee) Patient's UHID Result of the Committee (Approved / Rejected/Deferred)
25-12-2020 Competent Authority IH/70248/19 Approved
25-12-2020 Competent Authority IH/10717/18 Approved
25-12-2020 Competent Authority IH/116899/20 Approved
09-01-2021 Competent Authority IH/135068/20 Approved
17-03-2021 Competent Authority IH/138243/21 Approved
31-05-2021 District Level Authorization Committee IH/134399/21 Approved
09-06-2021 Competent Authority IH/145144/21 Approved
09-06-2021 Competent Authority IH/138092/21 Approved









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