The beginning of correct treatment starts with the right diagnosis- all because it clarifies the path to be followed in the medical treatment. Giving much of the credit to the stage of correct diagnosis, we follow a reliable strategy in the process of healthcare treatment. At Indus Scan Labs, we understand the significance of having a credible Diagnostic center in the hospital premise. Our Diagnostic wing offers:

  • 1. Picture archiving and communication system (PACS): all digital imagery and no filming. The system felicitates instant access, interpretation and availability to all clinicians.
  • 2. Complete Radiology and fluoroscope services.
  • 3. Advanced color flow ultrasound.
  • 4. Special Digital peripheral vascular imaging and x ray.
  • 5. Mammography with stereotactic biopsy capacities.
  • 6. Hi-speed spiral CT scanning 16 slices- Siemens Somatom and kidney lithotripsy.
  • 7. Qualified solutions for X-ray of Chest, knees, hips, arm, and shoulder.
  • 8. Indus Scan Lab provides ‘Home Sample Collection Services’ for lab testing- promising comfort for the patients.

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